Experience of Egnatia in the Renewable Energy Sources sphere dates from 2008 when first deliveries and installations of photovoltaic parks started. Total capacity of about 356kWp were installed and connected to the electric network by the end of the same year. 
Some months later the implementation of innovations started. Egnatia has already built several photovoltaic plants with low productivity of energy with the sole purpose of studying the behavior and productivity when installed different technology panels and structures. 
Services, offered by the company, are as follows: 
  • Site acquisition
  • Research and development of products 
  • Energy Audit
  • Design 
  • Permits issuing
  • Construction 
  • Including parks to the electrical network 
  • Legalization procedures 
  • Supply and installation of photovoltaic panels and electrical equipment 
  • Maintenance of constructed parks, substations, el.routes and access roads 
  • Remote monitoring of various parameters of parks
  • Remote security of parks