Egnatia Bulgaria was establihsed in 2001 as a part of Egnatia Group providing turn-key solutions for mobile operators and gradually expanded its activities.

Since 2005 implementation of External Power Supply of sites was added to the scope of work.

In 2006 the company started implementation activities for another Bulgarian mobile operator.

The company expanded in large dimensions in 2007 when Egnatia Bulgaria started providing site acquisition and design services. Its equipment was significantly improved, it acquired a great deal of assets.

Frоm the start of 2008 gradually new market shares as renewable energy and retail shops implementation were taken.

Thus in 2009 the provided services spectrum included supply, installation and maintenance of steel structures for telecommunication structures; site acquisition, design, construction, telecom installation, integration, maintenance and legalization for base stations of GSM operators, retail shops, renewable energy sources; GSM coverage quality measurement by mobile laboratories, installation and maintenance of fibre optic lines and microwave links; external power supplies for low and middle voltage sites (air and underground lines). 

In 2010 Egnatia Bulgaria contracted some new European clients who invest in "green" energy. The company managed to achieve close partnerships that will go on with development in the next few years.