Egnatia Tel is an organic and vital part of Egnatia Group. Since 1999, it has been broadening the range of constructions that it can undertake. Today, it offers integrated services to the branches of telecommunications, retail sales, renewable energy sources, optical fibres, automation, etc.
Egnatia Tel was created to unify within the Egnatia Group the whole range of already provided specialized technical services, using the principles of quality and reliability.
It is the bearer of the evolution and development of know-how and reliability that characterize each and every branch of activity of the Egnatia Group and the vehicle of expansion of the Group’s activities to dynamic emerging foreign markets.
Having opted for continuous research, innovative applications, specialized personnel and permanent need for the optimization of the already provided services as the components of the development itself, it aims at achieving its ambitious corporate and social goals.
Until now, the company boasts long-lasting collaborations with large multinational corporations, which proves its success both within and beyond the Greek borders.