Permission for use was already emitted by the National Construction Control dept concerning the demo PV plant which was sponsored and implemented by Egnatia Bulgaria in the land of Hrabarsko village, Bozhurishte municipality. The main purpose of the 88 kWp plant is training of the employees and testing of several systems for producing of green energy, as well as monitoring ones. It's the reason of the close location to Sofia where the head office of the company is situated.
The supporting structure is free field aluminium, supplied by the Greek Alumil. The 235Wp polycristal panels were supplied by the US producer Solar World. Also 8kW and 10kW SMA inverters were used in this project.
Egnatia implemented its own transformer post 0,4/20 kV with a capacity of 160 kVa.
Monitoring, alarms and CCTV systems are installed in the telecom container which is situated in the land area. It is produced by Shelter factory, also part of Egnatia Group.