The idea:

Our PV Trees are successful combination between high-tech and futurism. They reproduce the natural world into the urban texture. In a word - they are just the future at the present.
This conceptual creation is a result of Egnatia R&D department’s long work inspired by the increasing environmental and social demands, testing ecologic materials and equipment, the urban aesthetic requirements and all of these by mean of renewable energy.

Technical info:
  • Structure – hot dip galvanized steel profiles with polyurethane coating
  • Sizes – overall height between 608 and 908cm (according to client’s requirements), overall width 560cm
  • PV modules – 5 regular sized modules and 1 small for the self-lightning system
  • Self-lightning system – includes PV module 60Wp, 4W LED lamps – 4 pcs, battery 60Ah, charger


The PV Tree is designed to function both autonomously and in synchronisation with the public grid.

  • In autonomous mode (off-grid), it uses the energy generated by the solar panels during the day to recharge the batteries. At dusk, which is recognized by automatically monitoring the PV panel output, the LED sources are activated and remain lit until dawn or as long as the batteries remain charged. PV Tree is capable of functioning for three consecutive days of cloudy or overcast weather.
  • In lighting grid connection mode, it uses the energy generated by the solar panels to recharge the batteries and activate/deactivate the LED sources in synchrony with the grid, to which eventual surpluses of stored current can be relinquished. In the event of low reserves of current in the batteries, PV Tree automatically reduces its luminous output.